MD Leitbild


Our company mission statement defines our general understanding and the focus of our actions. For all our employees – in Europe, Asia and North America:

  • MD is a medium-sized company. We are proud of our regional roots and are committed to our global presence in the automotive industry.
  • MD’s focus is always on you as our customer. We measure our success by your satisfaction.

  • MD supplies high-quality products to many well-known automobile manufacturers and sets new standards for expertise, innovation and quality.
  • MD strives for a leading market position. We are aware of the responsibility connected to this target and therefore believe in transparency, integrity, ethics and fairness.
  • MD considers motivated employees as a key factor for success. We are committed to their health, safety and satisfaction and we support their career development.
  • MD stands for responsibility and long-term strategies; therefore we are committed to creating a stable and long-lasting foundation for our company