Data cables from a single source

How is MD ELEKTRONIK positioned in the midst of automotive megatrends? What are the current developments in the area of data cables? These and many other questions were answered by Daniel Koppermüller, Manager Technical Product Management, in his presentation on the 21st Cooperation Forum “On-board Power Systems” which took place at the end of November in Ingolstadt (Germany).


Autonomization or “always connected” are among the most important megatrends of our time. In order to be able to realize this technological change, reliable and secure data cables are necessary. “Future applications require an increase in performance with simultaneous miniaturization. The realization of the increasing requirements of on-board power systems is only possible with state-of-the-art experience as well as further development in all phases of the product life cycle from the conception to the validation,” explained Daniel Koppermüller.


Modern data cables are exposed to a high level of stress through handling during assembly or environmental influences. An application-oriented product development, the standard specification of the handling recommendations, and a general assurance of the information chain from the OEM to the data cable specialist and back are crucial to ensure a reliable and high-performance networking.


MD ELEKTRONIK therefore focuses on automated production processes combined with flexibility, product innovations, and reliable validation which is, inter alia, ensured by the certified MD test laboratory, as Daniel Koppermüller emphasized: “As a technology partner, MD ELEKTRONIK strives to close the ‘data cable circuit’ for our customers, offer everything from one source, and support our customers throughout the entire process.”


The presentation was very well received by the high-level specialist audience of the Cooperation Forum organized by “Bayern innovativ”. Daniel Koppermüller was pleased with the response: “Our presentation matched the spirit of the time and we received a lot of positive feedback.” Gerd Mittermaier, Global Vice President R&D at MD ELEKTRONIK, was also very satisfied: “Long-term, future-oriented, and sustainable solutions are sought for central issues such as high data rates or automation. The positive feedback shows that we correctly interpreted the trends and requirements in order to fulfill our aspiration as a technology partner to the automotive industry.”