Women and Leadership

MD ELEKTRONIK GmbH visits the “Businesswomen and Female Managers“ forum

November 2015: bayme vbm – the Bavarian Employers‘ Associations of the Metalworking and Electrical Industries – organized a two-day workshop for female managers and businesswomen under  the motto “Women and Leadership”. MD ELEKTRONIK was represented by its female department managers and team leaders who participated in the forum at BMW Welt in Munich.

Real equal opportunities instead of legal obligations
Besides presentations about ‘management communication‘ as well as ‘career- and family planning’, a further focus of the event was on the subject of the “women quota” on company boards. “Real opportunities are more important than rigid quotas”. The draft German law will not really improve the situation, was the experts’ opinion. “Especially with regard to the shortage of skilled professionals, a change in the perception of traditional role models is necessary. Companies will also need the competencies and capabilities of women in the workforce to achieve sustainable success in the future.

MD ELEKTRONIK - not only technologically ahead of its time
The event was rounded off by the networking of the participants. “The forum offered an excellent opportunity to exchange views and experiences with female managers of other successful companies and to gain expert advice”, stated Michelle Weider, Head of Marketing at MD ELEKTRONIK. “The professional development of all employees is an essential part of the mission statement of the MD Group. This event reinforced my belief that it is important for companies to support the further development of their employees and that we are on the right track”. 

Cindy Wildemann, Head of Order Processing at MD ELEKTRONIK summarized that as a modern company MD ELEKTRONIK by all means recognizes the advantages of diversity in the workplace.