Ten Years MD China

MD (Beijing) ELECTRONICS Co., Ltd. was established in 2005 and became part of the MD Group. What started as a small sales and production facility is now a very successful company with a yearly turnover of more than 350 million CNY. On September 18th, 2015, MD (Beijing) ELECTRONICS Co., Ltd. celebrated its 10th anniversary at the Shunyi Heyuan Royal Garden Hotel in Beijing.

Together with the MD China team and their families, management delegations from MD Germany as well as Dr. JOHANNES HEIDENHAIN (China) Co., Ltd. were present at the event.  The celebration commenced with an advertising video showing the milestones of MD’s 10-year development journey. Mr. Long Yang, General Manager of MD (Beijing) ELECTRONICS Co., Ltd. then spoke about the numerous achievements as well as about future challenges. Only together is it possible to reach the highest quality standards and company targets to further establish MD China as one of the best automotive suppliers.

To symbolize the significance of this anniversary, Mr. Martin Berndt from MD Germany gave a speech on behalf of the General Management in Chinese, thanking the Chinese colleagues for their hard work over the past 10 years and expressing confidence in the future development of MD China.

An extensive entertainment program including various performances was enjoyed by all and made the anniversary celebration of MD China a memorable event for all participants.

You can find the impressions of the celebration here