in-house donor drive

MD employees – united against blood cancer

On 12th September 2014, MD organized an in-house donor drive for the DKMS (German Bone Marrow Donor Center).

This campaign was inspired by a donor drive that was organized on 14th September 2014 in Taufkirchen (a village near Waldkraiburg) to help two women who live locally and suffer from leukemia.

Every 16 minutes, somebody in Germany receives the news that they have been diagnosed with blood cancer. Many patients are children and adolescents. For numerous patients, the only chance of recovery is a stem cell donation. As a maximum of 30 percent of patients find a suitable donor within their family, most patients need to find an unrelated donor – a donor outside of their family.

The DKMS – the German Bone Marrow Donor Center – is a charitable organization and part of the world-wide DKMS family. The DKMS is the largest network of stem cell donor databases in the world, with over 4.6 million donors. In order to be registered in the donor database, only a tissue sample gained from a cheek swab or blood test and a written declaration of consent are required.

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During the MD campaign, more than 60 employees were registered. Besides providing the premises and the organization, MD also assumed the processing costs for the employees.
Anette Lehmann (second on the left), who initiated the donor drive praised her colleagues’ willingness to help and the generous support of the General Management.