Employee Health in Focus

MD ELEKTRONIK organizes a Health Day at the headquarters in Waldkraiburg

Fitness, vitality, ergonomics and conscious nutrition: in the middle of December “health” was a top issue at MD. At the MD Health Day, the employees of the automotive supplier received useful tips and tricks how to integrate health awareness into their everyday life. Simultaneously, the MD Group was able to present its corporate health management program which promotes the individual responsibility and the health-related behavior of the employees.

The corporate health management is an essential part of the corporate strategy of the MD ELEKTRONIK GmbH. With the Health Day, MD realizes the entrepreneurial approach of sustainability.  In cooperation with company physician Dr. Ernst Hiermer, the “Technician“ health insurance and the fitness studio “Fitness- und Therapie Zentrum Mühldorf”, MD presented numerous parts of its health program.

The MD employees were informed how to keep well and fit during expert presentations covering the topics “cancer prevention through sport activities“, “back health measures“ and “health-conscious nutrition”. During activity programs such as “strength training with the Thera-Band“, “reactive fitness” and many other practical exercises, they were able to try new sports.

In addition to the presentations and activity programs, the employees could gather information at several booths, taste healthy snacks and drinks and have their posture and vitality tested in health modules.

"The MD Health Day is a perfect platform to gain insight into the numerous possibilities with which to integrate better health into everyday life and to create one’s individual action plan“, said Veronika Fleischmann who is responsible for the corporate health management at MD and who organized the Health Day.

All presentations and trainings were well attended. The large number of participants shows that the MD Health Day was a complete success and can be organized again in the future.