District Administrator Georg Huber visits MD ELEKTRONIK

In focus: support for the local economy and future challenges

At the end of May 2016, MD ELEKTRONIK GmbH welcomed the district administrator Georg Huber and numerous employees of the Mühldorf district office at its headquarters in Waldkraiburg. The focus of this visit was on the innovative data communication solutions of the automotive supplier and future issues concerning the regional economy.

From the start, Mr. Huber and his colleagues gained an overview of MD, whose products are integrated into over 200 current car models of 35 automotive manufacturers worldwide. “With over 4,000 employees on three continents, MD is an international company which is continuously growing. As a system partner we are investing in future trends and technologies“, stated CEO Walter Bichlmaier. Simultaneously, the number of employees at the location in Waldkraiburg has doubled since 2009 and is now over 400 - a clear sign of MD's strong solidarity with the region. "We are a long-established company and are aware of our roots."

During the next weeks, MD will reach another milestone. "In order to strengthen our global presence, we have established a new location in Mexico which will be opened at the end of June. On a production- and logistics space of 16,000 m2, we will manufacture products mainly for our NAFTA customers “, said Walter Bichlmaier.

After the company presentation, the visitors were able to gain detailed insights into the company during a guided tour. Especially the technical equipment of the accredited MD test laboratory was very impressive, said the guests from the district office. "The majority of our development work is carried out at the location in Waldkraiburg", stated CEO Robert Hofmann. "New innovations such as autonomous driving or increasingly higher data rates in vehicles, will bring new challenges for us. Therefore, it is very important to invest in modern technologies so that we will be able to continue to manufacture high-quality products, to act flexibly and to remain competitive in the future."

The concluding part of the visit was a discussion about the future co-operation in order to strengthen the regional economy. Walter Bichlmaier emphasized that MD ELEKTRONIK undertakes a lot to strengthen its market position and to remain an attractive employer and a strong, regional partner. Nevertheless, local politicians are also responsible to create the required framework conditions, for example by improving infrastructure which is essential not only for the transport of goods but for recruiting new and qualified professionals. "An improved infrastructure means not only road- and train connections but also the expansion of data transmission networks", added Robert Hofmann. "Only with an expanded data transmission network will we be in a position to process the data volume on which we are working.”

District administrator Georg Huber promised his support and thanked MD for the insights which he and his colleagues had gained during the day: "MD ELEKTRONIK is an innovative and global company which significantly contributes to the economic success of our region. Therefore, it is very important for me to further our co-operation. Only through a co-operative partnership can we effectively promote the potential of our region and generate attractive jobs in our district area."